My name is Karen Vivers.

I am originally from a tiny island on the west coast of Scotland called Bute.  I have lived in Amsterdam since 1997, eating my way here via London and Portugal.  First and foremost, I love food, I love sharing food and I love Amsterdam.

As a business graduate, I worked for many years in  various corporate situations mainly in project management positions and marketing, in hospitality, retail and banking.  I gave that up to pursue a career in food.  I set up an award winning delicatessen in Amsterdam in 2000. And loved selling cheese to the Dutch (the equivalent of selling ice to Eskimos!). “Vivers Delicatessen” was voted one of the best speciality stores in the Netherlands. It was recognized by one of the most respected restaurant guides “Lekker”, had a cooking spot on Amsterdam TV and appeared in “Het Parool” (Amsterdam Newspaper).

It was great fun and hectic, but I needed more.  I wanted to expand my horizons and I had a personal issue that needed to be dealt with too.  I sold the shop to refocus.

I was diagnosed with a Binge Eating Disorder (B.E.D ) and had lost and gained 100’s of kilo’s during my teenage and adult life.  I realized that I had to face my fear (and my great love) – food – and take a whole new approach.   Although I didn’t know it at the time, this became the start of my successful and sustainable weight loss and the inspiration for my business, The Cooking Coach.  This experience not only inspired my business but also turned me into an author, my first book: Love Food, Live healthy is a collection of over 150 recipes for cooks of all skill levels who want to eat healthily whilst not compromising on flavour.

The Cooking Coach is for me a coming together of my life experience, business experience, my passion and talents.  Whether I am tasting the best food that Amsterdam has to offer with clients , writing about food in Amsterdam or further afield or cooking and developing recipes to share on my website and in books.  I am so grateful to be in a position to share my love of good food with others.