Weight Loss Program

The personal weight loss program is not a diet, as I am sure you know by now, diets don’t work.  It’s not about fads or trends, it’s about getting healthy once and for all.  It’s about being aware of what you are eating and the best way to do that, is to cook it yourself!

Enjoying eating and cooking have been integral to my successful weight loss.  I have always loved food and am not willing to compromise on flavour or enjoyment to lose or maintain a healthy weight.  This principle forms the basis of The Cooking Coach weight loss program.

Cooking lessons form the integral part of this program, however we take time to look at all aspects of your lifestyle to identify areas for change.  We will find achievable, enjoyable and sustainable alternatives.  My coaching style is goal orientated, supportive, positive and motivational.  I can offer practical tips from my own experience that work.

Personal Weightloss Program Information and Prices

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